Festival Festival Festival

Edition #2

The first virtual light festival in the world.

In light of the recent news about the energy crisis, the Vaduz Light Festival has decided to replace the physical festival with a virtual one.

By exploring virtual space with light art, the festival pushes the boundaries of how light art is perceived. How can we create meaningful light art experiences? How can we trigger emotions? How do we see light in a virtual space? How can we create different light art experiences in a virtual space?

For the virtual edition, the festival has chosen a solo show with the artist NEON GOLDEN. With Stefan Kainbacher (NEON GOLDEN) a digital artist was found, who transfers the Vaduz Light Festival into the metaverse and thus takes up and processes the current technological approaches.


Vaduz Light Festival - Neon Golden - Virtual Edition - Light Festival in the Metaverse




Edition #1

The very first edition of the Vaduz Light Festival was a big success. 10'000 visitors came to Vaduz to glance at the light artworks. With a smaller first edition the team of the Vaduz Light Festival team was very satisfied with the result and has had very good feedback of the visitors and the habitants of Vaduz. 

Amongst the Artist were:

Nachtlicht, Miriam Prantl, Stefan Kainbacher / Neon Golden, VielZuHell, Rogier van der Heide, Klaus Lürzer, Claudia Tolusso

Vaduz Light Festival Nachtlicht Mapping am Regierungsgebäude