Vaduz Light Festival

We combine art, culture and innovation through light art. The Vaduz Light Festival organizes an annual 10-day event in Vaduz Liechtenstein, where artists show a combination of art and innovative installations.

Virtual Event

The Vaduz Light Festival always strives for innovation and searches for new ways on how to experience light art. With the latest news about the energy crisis, the Vaduz Light Festival took the decision to replace the physical festival with a virtual one.

By exploring the virtual space with light art, the festival pushes boundaries of how light art is perceived by the spectator and what emotions it triggers. How can we built meaningful light art experiences? How can we trigger emotions? How do we see light in a virtual space? How can we built different light art experiences in a virtual space? 

Please note that on we are currently experiencing some difficulties with the mobile version, which we are currently fixing. 




What is the Vaduz Light Festival?

A combination of art and innovation within a 10-day event with artworks by artists from the Liechtenstein, Swiss and Austrian regions.

The walk consists of various light artworks placed in the Vaduz Städtle so that they are visible and accessible to everyone. The illuminated walk begins with a video mapping at the Liechtenstein Regierungsgebäude and leads through the Vaduz pedestrian zone to the Rathausplatz. Immerse yourself in this illuminated walk and become part of the multi-sensory experience!



False Mirror + Sticks