Open Call is online!

Our call for project for the Vaduz Light Festival is now online. Submission deadline for the Round 1 is the 22 May 2022. More information you find below or on the Open Call Page.


As a new and innovative light festival, we realize that we owe our success to you, the Artist. It is why The Guardian, our first edition attracted over 10’000 visitors: because of our festival's unique character of being global yet ambitious, being Artistic yet about technology. Our unique way of selecting artworks is exactly what will offer the audience a great variety of Light Art at the second edition of the Vaduz Light Festival: 

Everyone can submit his or her idea, and everyone's concept is considered seriously. 

So, now you have downloaded this document, you took the first step to submit your idea for the 2nd edition of the Vaduz Light Festival. Great! We encourage Artists and designers from all disciplines and all nationalities to submit. However, as we expect many submissions, please follow this briefing precisely, so our Judging Panel and Technical Committee are able to take a look at your work and make a balanced decision. Submissions that do not follow this briefing will not be considered for inclusion in the festival. 


Innovation First! 

The Vaduz Light Festival wants to present not just “Light Art”, but artworks that are part of a larger story in Liechtenstein, and that create an interface of that story with a broad, all-ages, all-backgrounds audience. This story is:


The Story of Innovation

The world is facing many pressing challenges, and naturally mankind tries to solve these by looking at the past, or perhaps at the current moment. We believe that we must look at our future when facing challenges, and we believe that Artists, Designer, Innovators, Scientists and Technologists are destined to team up and look into that future together. The outcome of that visionary, collaborative look, is what we want to present to the public at the Vaduz Light Festival. Artworks we want to stage are the result of cross-fertilization between science, technology, and art. Artworks should inspire our audience to take an optimistic view on climate, sustainability, data, food, health… Or something else that you have come up with.