Mozilla Hubs community meetup


Embracing the digital era, the Vaduz Light Festival took an innovative step by transitioning to the Metaverse, courtesy of Mozilla Hubs, transcending geographical limitations and creating immersive experiences for attendees.

On April 7th, a wave of innovation swept over the Mozilla Hubs community as we revealed our ambitious project - the Vaduz Light Festival's transition to a virtual platform. This groundbreaking concept, born from the vision of our founder and director Romy Abbrederis, sparked a lively and inspiring discussion.


The meetup was an opportunity not only to present our virtual edition but also to connect with a vibrant community of technology enthusiasts, developers, and art lovers. Romy Abbrederis provided insights into the festival's conceptualization, its evolution amidst global changes, and our plans for the future. It our goal that we're pushing the boundaries of art and innovation, creating an immersive virtual experience that combines light, art, and technology.


Our thanks goes to Matt Cool, whose support made this collaboration a reality, and Stefan Kainbacher, the brain and artist behind the metaverse implementation and our technical expert who addressed all questions with clarity and ease. Our collective efforts have led to the creation of a unique virtual festival that's accessible to all.


Mozilla Hubs, an inclusive, open-source project, breaks down barriers, enabling everyone to experience and contribute to the world of mixed reality. By using Hubs, you can create, share, and access a room with a single click. There are no app store hurdles, no gatekeepers, and no installation processes.


Our choice to build the Vaduz Light Festival - Virtual Edition on Mozilla Hubs was motivated by its broad compatibility with web standards (WebVR and eventually WebXR). This means our festival can be enjoyed on every single Mixed Reality headset, whether high-end gear like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, a Daydream or cardboard viewer, or even your desktop or mobile phone.


Alongside accessibility and compatibility, privacy is a key concern. We're aligned with Mozilla Hubs' commitment to ensuring user safety and privacy, providing a secure and enjoyable space for festival attendees.


Join us as we forge ahead in this unique celebration of light, art, and technology. We're excited to welcome you to our innovative and immersive virtual festival.

Some impressions in this video: