Interview with Romy Abbrederis


Romy Abbrederis on the Fusion of Art and Technology for a Stronger Economy. In a candid conversation, Romy Abbrederis highlighted the role of artistic projects in boosting Liechtenstein's economy, emphasizing the connection between art, technology, and financial sectors.


We are thrilled to share an insightful interview with the founder and co-director of the Vaduz Light Festival, Romy Abbrederis. Known for her profound love for art, coupled with an expertise in programming, Romy has shed light on the significance of the festival and its potential impact on Liechtenstein's economy.

In the interview, Romy emphasized the festival's mission: blending technology with art and culture. She underlined the festival's commitment to digitalization and innovation, while also capturing the essence of Liechtenstein's culture and heritage.

The decision to make this year's festival purely virtual wasn't the initial plan, but arose as an innovative response to the energy crisis and economic inflation. This unexpected shift, however, has carved out a unique identity for the festival and set it apart from other Swiss festivals.

 When asked about the connection between the festival and the financial sector of Liechtenstein, Romy highlighted the country's finance-oriented structure. She noted the growing importance of technologies like cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and NFTs in the financial sector, emphasizing that such advancements could be interwoven with other areas to create a more robust economic network. Romy views the festival as a creative platform to showcase Liechtenstein's potential to companies looking for an innovative environment. She believes cultural representation can attract attention and interest in Liechtenstein as a business hub.

Discussing the festival's influence on the regional economy, Romy stated that art can be the catalyst for change and innovation, bridging gaps between various industries. She stressed that art isn't just an aesthetic appeal; it is the driving force behind revolutionary movements and significant economic shifts.

On the topic of strengthening Liechtenstein's position as a business hub, Romy shared her vision of inspiring industries beyond finance to adopt modern technologies like the Metaverse or Blockchain. She believes that integrating these technologies into various sectors will promote collaboration and further enhance the economy's growth. The Vaduz Light Festival, under the guidance of Romy Abbrederis, is not only a showcase of stunning light installations but also a manifestation of the synergy between art, technology, and economy. It stands as a testament to Liechtenstein's ability to adapt, innovate, and thrive, even amidst challenges.


Romy Abbrederis Interview im Vaterland Liechtenstein über Wirtschaft und Innovation - Founder und Direktorin vom Vaduz Light FestivalRomy Abbrederis Interview im Vaterland Liechtenstein über Wirtschaft und Innovation - Founder und Direktorin vom Vaduz Light Festival