The first virtual light festival


"The first virtual light festival ever created" - with this slogan the Vaduz Light Festival is starting a pionier project, which has never been done before and is exploring new boundaries of light art.


With the latest news about the energy crisis, the Vaduz Light Festival took the decision to replace the physical festival with a virtual one. By exploring the virtual space with light art, the festival pushes boundaries of how light art is perceived by the spectator and what emotions it triggers. How can we built meaningful light art experiences? How can we trigger emotions? How do we see light in a virtual space? How can we built different light art experiences in a virtual space? 


Since no light festival has been organized in the Metaverse yet, "virtual light artists" are also a great rarity. On the one hand, of course, it requires an artistic talent, but on the other hand, a great technical know-how of various softwares. For this edition the organizers have chosen a solo show of the artist NEON GOLDEN. The installation can be viewed on Mozilla Hubs via desktop, smartphone or VR headset. Accessible events can thus be held in virtual or hybrid space, and it does not remain a one-off experience. 

ELEMENTS explores the boundaries of the real and the unreal, of different shapes and colors and impressions and how these can affect visitors in a virtual space. This is new territory for both the artist and the visitors.