Swiss NFT Association Event


At the Swiss NFT Association the Vaduz Light Festival showcased its Metaverse and artist Abraham Yael unveiled his NFT works.

On April 26th, the Swiss NFT Association hosted an incredible event that featured presentations from the Vaduz Light Festival, Stefan Kainbacher and renowned NFT artist Abraham Yael. We are grateful to the Association for creating this platform to share the journey of the Virtual Vaduz Light Festival, which has been a beacon of digital art and innovation.


The event exuded an atmosphere of creativity, community, and collaboration. It was truly inspiring to hear Abraham Yael, a Mexican digital artist based in Florence, delve into his journey as an NFT artist. His work, marked by a harmonious blend of photography, 2D and 3D graphics, and a fascination with architecture, literature, and art history, creates a mesmerizing array of sci-fi dark artworks.


For this event, we collaborated with Abraham to integrate his exceptional NFTs into our virtual space. Such partnerships are integral to the core value of the Vaduz Light Festival, driving its evolution into new dimensions of artistic expression.


Presenting alongside Abraham was Stefan Kainbacher, an Austrian artist and designer with a multifaceted career trajectory. Stefan's diverse portfolio ranges from communication design and corporate identity in his early years to his current exploration of blockchain technologies, NFTs, AI, and machine learning. His contributions to the NEON GOLDEN collective, his installations and projections focused on light and scenography, and his educational initiatives bring a unique perspective to the conversation around digital art. It is Stefan Kainbacher, who created the Vaduz Light Festival metaverse and is holding a solo show in our virtual edition.


The event served as a vivid example of how the Vaduz Light Festival fosters collaboration and innovation in the digital art landscape. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this gathering and witness the amalgamation of diverse ideas, all bound by a shared passion for art and technology.


Big thanks to the Swiss NFT Association for organizing such an enriching event. Opportunities like these fuel our commitment to driving the convergence of art, technology, and culture, and we look forward to further collaborations that continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of digital art.

Romy Abbrederis Swiss NFT Association Event with Vaduz Light Festival and Abraham Yael

Romy Abbrederis Swiss NFT Association Event with Vaduz Light Festival and Abraham Yael

Romy Abbrederis Swiss NFT Association Event with Vaduz Light Festival and Abraham Yael