Date: 28th January - 7th February 2022

Recap Edition #1

With the implementation of the Vaduz Light Festival, it was not only possible to inspire the Liechtenstein population, but with the holding of the first edition, it was also possible to amaze people beyond the borders - thus Switzerland and Austria. Due to the enthusiasm triggered by the guests, the organizers managed to bring these guests to Liechtenstein over the period of the festival.



In addition to numerous visitors from Germany and abroad, who cannot be assessed as specifically interested in art, we are all the more pleased to have been able to welcome regional guests from the various areas of art and culture.

In total 10'000 visitors attended the 1st edition of the Vaduz Light Festival.

During the Vaduz Light Festival, the Vaduz Städtle was filled with visitors until late in the evening. The resulting dynamic revitalized the city center, which was very important for many residents of Vaduz. As a result, the local gastronomy enabled the professional catering of the visitors, which can be seen as a valuable synergy between the festival and the local gastronomy.


Rund 10000 Besucher an 10 Tagen am Vaduz Light Festival 2022 | Vaterland Liechtenstein