Kunscht oh?

The lessons you remember best were the ones in which you experienced something, the ones in which you could discover something up close, the ones in which you were personally involved.


You can experience classes like this at our festival partner Kunstschule Liechtenstein. They offer a diverse programme for children, young people and adults, as well as a creative pre-course that helps prepare you for art studies. In addition to their broad selection of course offerings and their carefully selected lecturers, the art school creates a pleasant learning environment for young and old.


We are pleased to be able to work more closely with young, creative minds in this collaboration. In the photo competition, which is supported by the Art School and will take place during the festival, the young artists are invited to participate and apply their learned photo skills in the festival events.


Klaus & Claudia


At the 1st edition, Klaus Lürzer and Claudia Tolusso will exhibit together at the Vaduz Light Festival. The two artists once met as lecturers at the Liechtenstein School of Art. What once began as a collaboration between two art school lecturers quickly developed into a successful artist duo. 


"After we understood each other very well in terms of storytelling and communication, we started joint projects as a collective," says Klaus Lürzer, an information designer from Vorarlberg who works in the field of art and culture. From his background as an information designer, Claudia's professional experience in stage design and scenography and a shared understanding of storytelling and communication, many other successful art projects unfolded. One of these projects was, for example, an artistic installation in the Höttges furniture store in Dornbirn, where the two of them transformed a shop window into a walk-in space and a theatre set using projections, light and textiles, and the furniture became the protagonists. At the same time, this project raised funds for local artists suffering from the effects of the pandemic.

Another joint project will be exhibited at the Vaduz Light Festival during ten days at the end of January 2022 and is called Up & Down. You can read more about it here.