Festival theme and other updates

In a good 6 months the time has come. Then the 2nd Edition Vaduz Light Festival will start. Now here come some fresh news from the VALIFE office for you: Our festival theme for this year is announced, our team has grown and there are other exciting changes and updates. And of course not to forget: Our program will be announced in November - exciting

Our festival theme this year is the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals - or SDG's for short. The 17 goals of the United Nations is not only the theme that artists had to refer to in this year's Call for Projects, but also the common thread that unites the Lightwalk and the new festival program point Beyond the Light. In contrast to the Millennium Development Goals, which were formulated in 2000 by representatives of the UN and in which the social development dimension was strongly emphasized, the SDG's, as the name suggests, should have a stronger emphasis on sustainability. More info on the 17 goals and what they entail here. During the illuminated walk through the Vaduz old town, our visitors can admire the exhibited artworks and at the same time playfully explore the topic.

Speaking of Beyond the Light: We have expanded our program this year. In addition to the Light Walk, which, as you know, already took place last year in the Städle in Vaduz, this year workshops and talks with artists, innovative actors and committed companies will take place under the name Beyond the Light. The BTL is supposed to be a platform for exchange and learning and above all to give interested people the opportunity to dive deeper into the topic of light and everything that is connected to it. You will find more information about the BTL on our website shortly before the festival.

We are also very happy to announce that our festival office has grown. Ula Lazauskaitė has been a theater maker for many years and worked for several years as an editor and presenter in Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg television and radio. Ula supports the festival in the area of sponsoring and manages Beyond the Light.